All our soups are now freshly made and Gluten Free…

...But our favorite of them all is our newest edition, the Sirloin Steak Chili. The chef/owner decided to start out his chili with a chili paste, similar to the ones used in the spanish mole dish, which is a very untraditional start to a chili. In the place of just plain old chili powder, the complex chili paste gives it a unique and very rich flavor that you just don't usually find. Using three different kinds of dry chilies and three types of fresh chilies, the paste is prepared by our kitchen staff regularly and the actual batch of chili is made fresh every single day! We add fresh chuck roast diced into cubes, three different kinds of beans and Voila! Bread and Cocoa's Sirloin Steak Chili. It is delicious and for only $4.95 for a cup and $5.95 for a bowl, a great idea for lunch on one of these windy San Francisco days. Since all of our soups come with housemade croutons or fresh focaccia for free, you can make a meal out of it and add a side salad for only $1.
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