Catering Department is Ready to Rock!

September 20th, 2012
Hey Bread and Cocoa Fans, We are ready to bring the delicious food and drinks from our cozy cafe to your local business. Click on the catering tab at our website for all you need to know. Ordering forms are ready to be printed and submitted so that your bellies can be happy as soon as possible. Give us a call (415) 734-6627 or e-mail ( if you have any questions. Thanks!

All our soups are now freshly made and Gluten Free…

March 8th, 2012
...But our favorite of them all is our newest edition, the Sirloin Steak Chili. The chef/owner decided to start out his chili with a chili paste, similar to the ones used in the spanish mole dish, which is a very untraditional start to a chili. In the place of just plain old chili powder, the complex chili paste gives it a unique and very rich flavor that you just don't usually find. Using three different kinds of dry chilies and three types of fresh chilies, the paste is prepared by our kitchen staff regularly and the actual batch of chili is made fresh every single day! We add fresh chuck roast diced into cubes, three different kinds of beans and Voila! Bread and Cocoa's Sirloin Steak Chili. It is delicious and for only $4.95 for a cup and $5.95 for a bowl, a great idea for lunch on one of these windy San Francisco days. Since all of our soups come with housemade croutons or fresh focaccia for free, you can make a meal out of it and add a side salad for only $1.

Bacon meets Healthy

February 8th, 2011
What's a great lunchtime treat? Whole Grain Goodness and NO MAYO in our new BLAT. We’re bakin' bacon at Bread and Cocoa and serving it up on our delicious multigrain organic whole wheat bread. Not yet convinced? Read on. We’re slicing the Applewood Smoked Bacon to our own specification: thick-cut and juicy, and then baking it on a grate so the fat drains away, leaving behind thick and crispy strips. We serve it up with sliced avocado, lettuce, tomato and our secret homemade Avocado sandwich spread. This sandwich is soooo delicious you may want to feel guilty for no reason other than to feel guilty -- but we say don’t. No need to feel guilty. Just enjoy it and all its healthful goodness!

Fresh Baked at Bread and Cocoa

February 7th, 2011
As we ring in a new year here at Bread and Cocoa, Chef/Owner Ed DeMasi is busy in the kitchen with his new love of baking. Ed is one of those guys who just has to stay busy learning new things and creating delicious food for his patrons. “I interviewed several bakers to create our cookies and breads," he says. "And it was in that process that I began to read a lot about baking. One day, I just went and grabbed some ingredients and began baking cookies. It took weeks to get my chocolate chip cookies just the way I wanted them -- slightly crispy, yet chewy. I loved it.” With a good dose of inspiration, an old dog can learn new tricks. Ed’s chocolate chip cookies have been praised on Yelp and the blogopshere. His cookies are full of 70% dark semi sweet chocolate and, yes, they are crispy on the outside outside and chewy on the inside -- just the way he likes them. It gets better: another recent daily staple here at Bread and Cocoa is Ed’s multigrain bread. Baked in the Café every day, it's a wonderful sandwich bread, slightly sweet with honey and very healthful with brown rice, organic whole wheat, added wheat bran and, yes, the perfect crust for a sandwich. Dig in!

Change is Delicious at Bread and Cocoa

February 7th, 2011
2011 brought several changes to our Café experience. First and foremost, we removed all of the refrigerated cases from the back wall. Why? Because Chef/Owner Ed DeMasi wanted to offer fresher products. The change actually began two years ago, but when there were so many layoffs in the neighborhood, Ed opted for a period of wait-and-see how this will all pan out. Now, with a more optimistic outlook, fresh Grab-and-Go sandwiches are prepared 5 times throughout the day and can be purchased right at the register. And, we offer made to order gourmet sandwiches. Along with the change came the addition of a free green salad on the side of all whole gourmet sandwiches or, if you prefer soup, you can substitute the vegetable soup of the day for only $1.50 in place of the side salad.

Watch this space!

February 7th, 2011
In the coming weeks, we'll be blogging about the Bread and Cocoa experience. Stay tuned!
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