Change is Delicious at Bread and Cocoa

2011 brought several changes to our Café experience. First and foremost, we removed all of the refrigerated cases from the back wall. Why? Because Chef/Owner Ed DeMasi wanted to offer fresher products. The change actually began two years ago, but when there were so many layoffs in the neighborhood, Ed opted for a period of wait-and-see how this will all pan out. Now, with a more optimistic outlook, fresh Grab-and-Go sandwiches are prepared 5 times throughout the day and can be purchased right at the register. And, we offer made to order gourmet sandwiches. Along with the change came the addition of a free green salad on the side of all whole gourmet sandwiches or, if you prefer soup, you can substitute the vegetable soup of the day for only $1.50 in place of the side salad.

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