Fresh Baked at Bread and Cocoa

As we ring in a new year here at Bread and Cocoa, Chef/Owner Ed DeMasi is busy in the kitchen with his new love of baking. Ed is one of those guys who just has to stay busy learning new things and creating delicious food for his patrons. “I interviewed several bakers to create our cookies and breads," he says. "And it was in that process that I began to read a lot about baking. One day, I just went and grabbed some ingredients and began baking cookies. It took weeks to get my chocolate chip cookies just the way I wanted them -- slightly crispy, yet chewy. I loved it.” With a good dose of inspiration, an old dog can learn new tricks. Ed’s chocolate chip cookies have been praised on Yelp and the blogopshere. His cookies are full of 70% dark semi sweet chocolate and, yes, they are crispy on the outside outside and chewy on the inside -- just the way he likes them. It gets better: another recent daily staple here at Bread and Cocoa is Ed’s multigrain bread. Baked in the Café every day, it's a wonderful sandwich bread, slightly sweet with honey and very healthful with brown rice, organic whole wheat, added wheat bran and, yes, the perfect crust for a sandwich. Dig in!
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